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This award is given annually by

Carthage Historic Preservation, Inc.,

to individuals or groups who rescue

historic Carthage structures.

recipients of the 2022 Golden Hammer Award for rescuing the "Coca Cola" building
1249 S. Garrison
Carthage, Missouri

Philip Brown 2022 Award.jpg

Built circa 1890, this building has seen many uses to include a neighborhood market, a donut shop, and a bicycle sales/repair shop.  It is well-known in Carthage for its Coca Cola advertising sign painted on the south wall.  The sign was uncovered in 1989 when a previous owner removed asbestos siding.  In 1991 CHP arranged to have the sign repainted.  Thirty-one years later the sign had faded and the building was in a state of disrepair.  Now the Coca-Cola sign on the south side of the building has been restored, and the building has been repainted in authentic colors. 

From Philip Brown:  

"Driving down Garrison frequently, I noticed the building deteriorating and would think to myself it would be a joy to freshen it up.  When Sharon and I had a chance to purchase the property, we did.


Just the Coca Cola Sign restoration took me at least 60 hours...the paint was faint and the wood siding was in poor condition. Once the sign was again at a place where it was aesthetically pleasing, we began repairing and painting the entire exterior of the building.... Glass was broken and the wood siding was rotten in areas. In fact there was an eighteen year old tree growing into the structure on the northwest corner of the building. Of course, we removed the tree and repaired the siding. 


Now, the exterior is in good condition and the building is simply heartwarming...after several weeks of work and the help of my crew.


There is still renovation work to be done to the interior and more work on the exterior...and we will keep the original attributes of the building."

Thank you to CHP board member Steve Wagner who chaired the Golden Hammer Award Committee and to committee members:  Josh Anderson, Beth Simmons, and Gail White.

Thank you to CARTHAGE HARDWARE for sponsoring the plaque presented to Philip Brown.

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