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To celebrate our membership drive and National Preservation Month, CHP has planned several activities on April 23rd.  Everyone is invited to join in the fun!





  • Take a peek in the window of the Sweet House, 311 Thirteenth Street, and check out the progress of the landscaping work!  Stop by with your membership, see what’s happening at the Sweet House, and enjoy:

    • a sweet roll  8:00-10:00am

    • a roasted hot dog with sweet relish 11:00am-1:00 pm

    • a glass of sweet lemonade  2:00-4:00pm


  • Happy Hour at Phelps House  5:00-6:00pm.

    • Enjoy a glass of wine in the basement wine cellar which is not usually open to the public.


  • This Place Matters signs will be available at the Sweet House during the day or Phelps House during Happy Hour.  Pick up a sign to put in front of someplace that is meaningful to you.  (See below for more info.)

Phelps House

Join us on April 23rd to renew, join, donate, and/or learn more about CHP!

What Place Matters to You?

Speak up for the places that matter most to you

Sweet House

In conjunction with the National Trust for Historic Preservation and in honor of Preservation Month, we are asking you, the Carthage community, to share the places in Carthage that have special meaning to you:  a building, a park, a street...big or small, historic or maybe just old, a place that played a role in your life or that you think is unique.


We invite you to visit the Sweet House, 311 Thirteenth Street, on Saturday, April 23, from 8:00am-4:00pm, or the Phelps House 5:00-6:00pm, and pick up a “This Place Matters” sign. 


Place the sign in front of  someplace that matters to you.   Take a photo and email it, along with a brief description of why you chose that particular place, to:


With your permission, we may share your photo in an upcoming CHP newsletter, on our Facebook page, or on our website.


Look for the signs around Carthage and see what matters to your friends and neighbors!

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